About Me

I'm Steve Biggs: father, partner, fusion energy & plasma physics PhD student, free/libre software enthusiast, go* addict, metal head.

*go, aka: igo, weiqi or baduk

I did my undergraduate degree in physics at the university of Nottingham, UK before working for a systems and engineering technology consultancy where I worked on the analysis and software of many systems including planes, trains, and nuclear (fission) reactors. I then worked for a scientific software development company before coming back to academia to study for a masters and then a PhD (my current occupation) in fusion energy and plasma physics at the University of York, UK.

During my work and studies I have developed a lot of software, through which I have gained a keen interest in software, computers, networks and related technologies. Indeed, my research uses high performance plasma simulation software close to the limit of what is computationally possible today. As a result, I have become interested in free/libre software as I believe users of software should be free to inspect the source code so that they can learn from it and maybe even improve it.

In my spare time, I enjoy playing guitar and other instruments, listening to music, attending concerts, and collecting cds. I also play the ancient oriental abstract strategy board game go.

I currently live in York, UK, with my partner and our son.