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Hello and welcome to Steve Biggs.net. I'm Steve Biggs: father, partner, fusion energy & plasma physics PhD student, free/libre software enthusiast, go* addict, metal head.

*go, aka: igo, weiqi or baduk

This website contains information about me, my work and my other interests. The purpose of this is three fold: firstly, this site enables friends, family and professional contacts to keep up to date with what I've got going on; secondly, it allows professional contacts to find out more about my work; and finally, I am interested in computers, software, web technology, etc, so this site gives me a chance to learn about these things and practice my writing skills.

(NB: Links to sub-pages will be added in due course.) Find out about me on the about me page, read about my work in fusion energy research on the research page, and access resources for the physics and computing courses I teach on the 'teaching' page. You can hear audio and watch videos of my musical recordings / performances and read about my musical interests on the 'music' page. There's information about my other interests such as go, free/libre software and computers, gardening, home brew, etc, on the 'other interests' page. My CV and contact details are available on the 'CV' and 'contact' pages respectively, and my blog about fusion, physics, software and all the other dorky stuff I'm into is on the blog page. Finally, you can learn about how I put this website together on the 'about this site' page.

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